Dear Students and Parents,
The Korean-American Scientists & Engineers Association (KSEA) announced 2020 National Mathematics & Science Competition (NMSC). NMSC is national level competition and KSEA NY Metropolitan Chapter will handing the NY metropolitan area Mathematics exam supervised by KSEA Head quarter.

NMSC General Information

  1. Exam date and time: Dec. 5 Sat, 2pm
  2. Registration deadline: Nov. 30 Mon
  3. # of questions: 25 (20 multiple choices, 5 short-answer)
  4. Exam period: 60 min for 4-8th grade and 75 min for 9-11th grade
  5. Proctoring Method: Zoom
  6. Award ceremony will be held via Zoom on Dec. 19 Sat, 2pm

– During award ceremony, there will be physics activity video and seminars


NMSC Testing Policy

  1. No calculator is allowed.
  2. A blank paper should be fine.
  3. A participant cannot go back to previous question during the exam

Registration web site: http://ksea.org/nmsc

If you have any questions, please email to us ( nymetro.ksea@gmail.com ) . I will reply as soon as possible.


NMSC 2020 Poster Download  >>> Click here<<<

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